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L8 Circle


What is L8 CIRCLE?

L8 circle is an activity of www.l8property.com for creating a new community or group of elite unique minded individuals will join together for their real estate needs.


What’s New in L8 CIRCLE?

The L8 (Elite) circle will provides you an opportunity to meet the elite grade of property sellers and buyers on direct or in a gathering organised by us. Through this we make your elite property search or selling a property which becomes easier, faster and reliable.

The L8 circle community will provides an opportunity to engage in activities like group buying,new real estate projects, new investment in real estate oriented business etc..

Other Benefits:

  • Easy and faster way to full fill your real estate needs
  • Opportunity and exposure to meet real estate based new buyers and sellers.
  • Involve in a group buying
  • High preference to L
  • Discount in brokerage
  • More investment and new project exposures
  • Confidential services and support
  • Opportunity to participate in L8 property expo

So many other benefits is also avail for you, join immediately to see the new track in real estate industry.
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